The Beginning

Kowloon (Jiulong in Chinese) is a penisnula that belongs to the continental zone of China, which communicates with the Hong Kong island through the Victoria bay.

It´s a comercial and residential zone, one of the most populated in the world, with just 12km2 of surface, in which exists an important infrastructure of transportation, manufacture and touristic.

After Hong Kong, the zone of Kowloon is the one that most of the visitors remember. The meaning of the name Kowloon (which pronunciation is “kau-lung”) is “Nine Dragons” (in Chinese “kau” means nine and “lung”, dragon). The Chinese tradition says that that one day a young emperor who lived there observed eight hills that he named “Eight Dragons”. One servant said that an emperor was considered to be a dragon. So, from now on, it was defined that the eigt hills and the emperor were the nine dragons.

In China, the dragon is the traditional symbol of growing, protection, vitality, prosperity, health and good beginning.

On the other hand, the number nine is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers in China.

Café Kowloon started to operate in 1991 in the Tacubaya colony of this city. In 1996, it was established in the Historic Center of Coyoacán. In 2002, appears the concept Kowloon Delight. In 2007, open its gates a new unity placed in the Parque San Andrés colony. Since 2009, we are at your service in the Narvarte colony.

That way, from the beginning, Café Kowloon, as a restaurant-group, has been searching to innovate and be the pioneer in the traditional concept of Chinese cafeteria.