Chinese Buffet

The Mexican food is delicious , but seriously , it is sometimes necessary to get out of the habit . We speak out and enjoy a good plate of Chinese food , it is known that large portions served at this meal let alone Cantonese food for the whole family to reach.

Sometimes choosing a dish from our extensive menu is very difficult, because everything seems to us , that is why at Cafe Kowloon decided to make a space especially for lovers of Chinese food, that is, our famous Chinese Buffet located in the Northern Division unit.

Coffee Kowloon Northern Division , is one of the few restaurants in the area of Coyoacan Chinese Buffet has also already includes desserts and drinks for the whole family.


You can delight with Soups, Side dishes and over 12 Chinese dishes , among which you can choose Spring Rolls , Sweet and sour pork balls , ribs in BBQ sauce , Fan Chaw , Noodle, among others. And you can also enjoy a variety of desserts like vanilla custard , lemon pie , jelly , etc. This buffet includes water and cold fruit or black tea .

If you prefer another type of food, Weekends, Chinese Buffet addition , you can enjoy delicious sushi bar. It also includes dessert bar , fruit and water cold black tea.

The  Buffet and Sushi bar is only available on weekends. The cost:

  • Adults: $ 138
  • Children: $ 87


Insurance and leave you craving to try it , do not stay with the desire and runs Café Kowloon Northern Division to enjoy it.
We will wait for you!