Mexican Food

To start the day



Orange Juice

Orange juice, grapefruit, carrot or tangerine (according to season)$28.50
Carrot juice with orange, pineapple and celery$36
1/2 jar of orange juice, grapefruit, carrot or tangerine$57
1/2 jar of orange juice or carrot$60
Jar of orange juice, grapefruit, carrot or tangerine$93
Jar of orange fruit with carrot$96



Mixed fruit salad

Order of papaya, melon or watermelon$39
Order of fruit with yoghurt, granola and honey or cottage cheese$48
Fruit cocktail$48
Mix fruit salad$60
Mix fruit salad with ice-cream or cottage cheese$60
1/2 melon with ice-cream$57


Omelette Poblano1

Poblano Omelette

Fried or scrambled with beans or chilaquiles$51
Mexican with beans$54
Red rancher, green or divorced with beans$54
Red rancher, green or divorced with bacon, ham or chorizo$60
Scrambled with ham, bacon or chorizo with beans and chilaquiles$60
Cheese omelette with Hash Brown patato$63
Cheese with ham omelette, bacon, chorizo or mushrooms$69
Poblano $72
Fried with Mexican rice$54

Red or green chilaquiles (with rehash beans)

Chilaquiles rojos con arrachera1

Red chilaquiles with flank steak

With cream$51
With two eggs (scrambled or fried)$57
With chicken$63
With beef fillet or beef rib$81
With breaded beef fillet $84
With grilled chicken breast$81
With breaded or garlic-soaked chicken breast$84
With flank steak beef$105


Enchiladas italianas gratinadas1

Italian gratin enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas with mole (3)$78$84 Gratin
Green, red or poblan enchiladas (3) with beans $75
Green, red, swiss, Italian or gratin poblan enchiladas (3)$81
Chicken tacos (4)$69
Sabanita tacos (3) with cheese and guacamole$72
Chicken tostada (3) with cheese and guacamole$69
Burritas (2) or sincronizada of ham or turkey ham$36

Hot Cakes


Hot Cakes with egg

Hot Cakes (3)$48
Hot Cakes with two eggs, ham or bacon$57
Dollar Hot Cakes (4) with ice-cream, caramel or La Lechera$48

Molletes, Bisquets

Bisquet gratinado con chorizo1

Bisquets gratin with chorizo

Order of gratin molletes or bisquets (2) $48
Order of molletes or bisquets (2) gratin with chicken, chorizo, ham or bacon $57

Complete Breakfast

All breakfasts include: Coffee with milk or tea or gourmet coffee or american coffee (refill) or pot coffee (refill) With capuccino coffee or chocolate add $6 Orange juice or grapefruit or carrot or carrot  with orange, pineapple and celery or dish of fruit with yoghurt and granola or cottage cheese

Enchiladas de mole1

Enchiladas de Mole

Hot Cakes order (2)$72
With eggs or ham or bacon, add$6
Croissant of turkey or pork ham with american cheese or panela cheese$75
Gratin molletes (2 pieces) or bisquets (4 pieces)$78
With ham or turkey ham or bacon or chorizo add$6
With chicken add$9
Eggs (fried, rancher, divorced or Mexican)$81
With ham or turkey ham or bacon or chorizo add$6
Omelette of cheese with ham or turkey ham or chorizo or bacon or mushrooms or spinaches $84
Poblan omelette (with squash blossom, corn and poblan pepper)$87
Red, green, swiss, Italian or poblan chilaquiles with two egg s or chicken$90
Order of enchiladas (2) green or red or mole or swiss or Italian or gratin poblan$90
Red or green or Swiss or Italian or poblan chilaquiles with beef fillet or chicken (100 g)$93
Rib or grilled chicken breast with huarache$96
Mix Barbecue (flank steak, chicken breast and chorizo)$108

Light Breakfast


Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs with turkey ham, panela cheese, grilled nopal and steamed vegetables)$84
Vegetarian omelette (egg white with soy cheese [tofu], mushrooms, squash blossom, spinach and grilled nopal)

For noon and night


Sopa Azteca1

Aztec Soup

Chicken consomeMedium $28.50Lge. $39
AztecMedium $42Lge. $54
GarlicMedium $33Lge. $42
ChickenMedium $45Lge. $60
Mexican riceMedium $30Lge. $42
Mexican rice with fried banana$45
Spaghetti al Burro$48
Alfredo's Spaghetti$51Bolognesa $60
Tlalpeño soupMedium $45Lge. $60


Ensalada del Chef1

Chef Salad

Shrimp cocktailSmall $66Lge. $108
Avocado filled with tuna$75
Avocado filled with shrimps$93
Tomato filled with tuna$75
Mix vegetables saladSmall $36Lge. $57
Spinach salad$63
Chicken or tuna salad$75
Chef salad$96
Shrimp salad$102
Cesar's salad$78


Pechuga de pollo empanizada1

Breaded chicken breast

Onion-baked or grilled chicken breast with french fries $87
Breaded or garlic-soaked chicken breast with french fries$93
Breaded Cordon Blue chicken breast$102
Tampiqueña chicken breast$108
Chicken wireMedium $84 Lge. $108
Chicken skewer
Grilled chicken leg or chicken thigh with french fries$66


Parrillada mixta1

Mix Barbecue

Onion-baked beef fillet or with french fries$87
Breaded beef fillet $93
Breaded Cordon Blue beef fillet$99
Grilled or onion-baked beef rib with beans and nopales$87
Tampiqueño beef fillet $108
Flank steak$114
Tampiqueño flank steak$126
Beef wireMedium $84 Lge. $108
Flank steak wire$114
Mix grill (flank steak, chicken breast and chorizo)$120


Filete de pescado a la naranja1

Fish fillet with orange

Breaded fish fillet$84
Garlic-fried, garlic-cooked or Veracruzano
Garlic-fried, garlic-cooked or breaded
Shrimp wireMediano $90 Grande $126
Shrimp brochette$126

Sandwich, torta, burger, hot dog


Flank steak burger with french fries

Kowloon Club with french fries and Russian salad$78
Flank steak burger with American cheese and french fries$63
Chicken burger with American cheese and french fries$54
Torta Cubana (breaded steak, sausage, pork and cheese)$66
Torta of chicken, breaded steak, or pork with french fries$51
Torta of egg, ham or turkey ham or panela cheese with french fries$42
Sandwich of ham, turkey ham or panela cheese$39
Jumbo Kowloon Hot Dog (with bacon and gratin) with french fries$42
Extra ingredient (egg, panela cheese or cheese)$9

Dear costumer: changes in garnish have additional charge.