Soda Fountain

Cold Drinks
Orangeade, lemonade. grapefruit squash, pineapple squash, Conga$31.50
Jar of orangeade, lemonade, grapefruit squash or pineapple squash$105
Glass of fruit water (orange, lemon or day's)$18
1/2 jar of fruit water (orange, lemon or day's)$42
Jar of fruit water (orange, lemon or day's)$67.50
Piña colada (alcohol free)$45
Clericot (alcohol free, with grape juice and cranberries)$42
Clericot jar (alcohol free , with grape juice and cranberries)$150
Bottled water$13.50

Order of nata$27
Syrup peaches$27
Milk shake$39
Camelado (coffee jelly with vanilla ice-cream)$36
Tres marías / Banana Split / Peach Melba / Hot Fudge$57
Ice-cream with Kalhua or Rompope liquor$45
Fried banana with cream and strawberry jam$27
Floating ice-cream (with Coke or Sprite)$39
Black Cow (vanilla ice-cream with Coke)$39
Orange or apple ice$60
Coconut, pineapple, strawberries with cream, coffee, tequila or truffle$69

Tea (hot or cold)
Ginseng, jasmine or green tea$21
Chamomile, peppermint, black, lemon, azahar, cinnamon or tila tea$18
Green or black Gourmet fruit tea$24
Frutal tizana (relax, peach, chai [asiatic spices], April in Mexico, chabacano)$30
Ginseng or jasmine jar of tea$45
Chamomile jar of tea$42
Green or black with fruit scent jar of tea$66
Frutal tizana jar$75
Hot or cold tepuchino (capuchino prepared with chai tea)$36

Coffee, chocolate
Natural coffee / decaffeinated with whole milk / light / delactosed$24
American Gourmet natural coffee / decaffeinated$21 (refil $36)
Pot coffee (refill)$30
Natural capuchino coffee / decaffeinated$33
Natural capuchino coffee or decaffeinated with Kalhua or rompope or caramel$39 (Bailey's $48)
Natural moka coffee / decaffeinated$30
Moka or capuchino cold coffee with Chantilly cream$42
Moka or capuchino cold coffee with Kalhua$48
Express coffee / decaffeinated$21 (Cortado $24)
Glass of whole milk / delactosed / non-fat milk$15
French chocolate$30