The meaning of Kowloon

The meaning of the name Kowloon (which pronunciation is “kau-lung”) is “Nine Dragons” (in Chinese “kau” means nine and “lung”, dragon). The Chinese tradition says that that one day a young emperor who lived there observed eight hills that he named “Eight Dragons”. One servant said that an emperor was considered to be a dragon. So, from now on, it was defined that the eigt hills and the emperor were the nine dragons.

In China, the dragon is the traditional symbol of growing, protection, vitality, prosperity, health and good beginning.

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Enjoy our delicious dishes in the comfort of your home or office, order your favorite dishes from our Chinese and Mexican menu. Home Delivery: 5549 3117

Chinese and Mexican food

Café Kowloon si the meeting between the Chinese and Mexican food, we invite you to enjoy the best of our both specialities. We bring together more than 50 different dishes of both menus just for you. Whether an "Azteca Soup" or a "Sweet and Sour Chicken", enjoy best of both worlds in our branches at Coyoacan and Northern Division, Mexico Distrito Federal. We have delivery service throughout Coyoacan.


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